America's farmers provide food for the world over. Working together, we can do even more.

Lend A Hand

Why Now?

Hunger is not tomorrow’s problem. It’s happening now and getting worse every day. More people die from hunger every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

Why Us?

Farm Journal Media has been an advocate for farmers for almost 140 years. It’s our legacy, and through the Farm Journal Foundation and the Farmers Feeding the World campaign, we aim to preserve that legacy and advocate for farmers through the next century.

Why Donate?


Farmers Feeding the World is a platform of the Farm Journal Foundation to rally voices to fight against world hunger.

We are raising awareness on colleges and universities around the nation through our HungerU campaign and we are using our resources to amplify the success of our partner organizations.


Making a Difference

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Get Involved. Lend a dollar, lend a hand,
lend your voice to fight hunger.




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