The Farm Journal Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustaining agriculture’s ability to serve the vital needs of a growing world population with education and empowerment. The Farm Journal Foundation aims to rally communities around the fight against world hunger through programs including Farmers Feeding the World, HungerU and more.

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Farmers Feeding the World is a platform for our programs engaging individual farmers and farmer organization in the philanthropic support of hunger alleviation. Farmers Feeding the World is a national network of farmers passionate about the role of agriculture in addressing hunger around the world.

Farm Team members seek to engage with policy makers, promoting a national vision and commitment to international agricultural development in U.S. foreign policy. 


HungerU is a Next Generation engagement platform that connects university and collage students to the powerful problems surrounding hunger in the world. HungerU programs include a dynamic mobile exhibit that travels to campuses around the nation raising awareness of nutrition and food security issues, experiential learning opportunities and classroom curriculum that directly connect students to a field-level view of the diversity and importance of the global food system and a vibrant digital and social media network that engages more than 20,000 students in ongoing education and advocacy opportunities.


The Farm Journal Foundation Dialogue identifies important policy moments and creates actionable education interventions geared towards National-level policymakers.  Through this new platform, the Foundation is working with some of the most elite, global thought leadership in the world on topics including research, institutional capacity building and trade to create concise, impactful research papers that will form the framework for direct hill briefings and to inform and support other organizations advocating for Food and Nutritional Security. This program’s unique approach will provide a pragmatic, agile mechanism to deliver the best information available to inform decision making at the policy level during critical points.  







Farmers Feeding the World is a platform of the Farm Journal Foundation to rally voices to fight against world hunger.

We are raising awareness through our platforms and we are using our resources to amplify the success of our partner organizations.




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