June 2014 Farm Team Visit


Farm Team is a new program that brings the voices of American farmers to the table on policies related to U.S. international leadership in food security and agricultural development. In June, 2014 we hosted our second Farm Team visit, bringing in lead farmers from California and Texas who volunteered their time to advocate in support of global hunger fighting initiatives.
Farm Team Lead Farmers
    - Jesse Larios is the lead farmer representing California. He raises cattle and hails from Brawley.
    - Steve Olson, the lead farmer representing Texas, has a diverse operation in Plainview. He grows crops such as cotton, corn, sunflowers, grain sorghum, wheat, and sesame.

When Jesse and Steve return home, they will channel their training and passion for fighting hunger into forming their own teams of farmer advocates who will continue the conversation with policymakers in their home states and districts.
Jesse and Steve were warmly received in the House and Senate offices they visited. Regardless of whether the member was from a rural or urban district, or if they were democrat or republican, the members welcomed the chance to discuss global food security and ag development issues with American farmers. By bringing more U.S. farmers into the policy dialogue, Farmers Feeding the World seeks to ensure U.S. leadership in international agriculture does not waiver, while educating the U.S. Congress on the global hunger challenge. 



Jesse Larios - Brawley, California 

Jesse Larios (Right) after his meeting with Congressman Juan Vargas (Left)




Steve Olson - Plainview, Texas

Steve Olson (Left) after his meeting with Wendell Frank White Jr. (Right), the legislative assistant
to Congressman Henry Cuellar






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